Mainstream GeoFencing Begins (and how you can stop it)

So this morning I noticed that YouTube is now redirecting all Canadian customers to -automatically-.

The CA youtube site, while a nice Canadian option should not be forced on people. It doesn't carry the same content, have the same categorization or really, even act the same. Its a different site.

But if you're Canadian, accessing the old YouTube is now exceedingly difficult.

The by-pass. First, get yourself a copy of firefox, then download FoxyProxy ... its an application that lets you define urls you want to load through a socks proxy. Urls like **.

Next, find a US proxy server. You can do this using a proxy scanning service, free proxy lists or, my personal favorite, your own SSH server.

To create a socks proxy using a SSH server, you can use plink or putty.exe or on a linux or macosx desktop you can use ssh itself.

The command you want is:

ssh -N -D 8080 user@server

the -N makes it such that you dont have a login shell, and the -D creates a socks5 proxy on

This is a really good way to protect your privacy too because all traffic you send via the proxy is encrypted from your ISP (but its not encrypted when it leaves your SSH server).

Configuring FoxyProxy is easy, just add the proxy, the urls you want to proxy, make sure that you route dns requests through the proxy.

Then, delete any cookies for sites you're going to proxy and then add the site to your exceptions list. Set it to allow-for-session. This will ensure that if you visit the site with your proxy off that your location information wont be stored in your cookies -- which could give you away when browsing from an alternative origin.

If you follow these steps, you will still be able to use the entire internet without having to worry about context proxying, censorship or other net neutrality nonsense.

GeoFencing is wrong -- and it will never work.