Liberate - Call forwarding for the VoIP generation.

Ok so for the last few weeks I've been scaring my relatives and acting generally like a lunatic. My wife got kind of upset when I started putting my cell phone in the rice maker; but in my defense I had a good reason.

That reason is liberate. A prototype call forwarding application for VoIP and bluetooth interaction.

Liberate allows you to have a single phone number; a phone number that will reach you at home, work or on your cell without any user interaction between destinations. Liberate will obsolete the phrase "call me back on my land line".

Because liberate integrates with VoIP networks it also allows for multiple numbers in many different regions to reach you. You can have a number in Vancouver, Edmonton and Toronto all forward as a local call via VoIP to your home/work/cell.


  • A bluetooth device presence detector that can be integrated with a web service.
  • Capable of detecting a bluetooth device without pairing with the device
  • Does not require the device to be in discoverable mode.
  • Does not raise any dialogs except the bluetooth activity indicator on all phones tested [moto V3C, V3, blackberry]

The method of operation for liberate is simple.

  • It runs as a tray application and detects the acquisition and loss of a bluetooth device
  • On acquire/loss events, liberate contacts a web service [associated with a VoIP switch]
  • The VoIP switch sets the sip or telephone address associated with your dialing rules.

If presence is detected at home, your calls will be routed there; if presence is lost at home, your calls will route to your cell. If you regain presence at work your calls will be routed to your landline and away from your cell.

This will result in a sharp reduction in cellular minutes, streamline your call flow and simplify your life.

The state of the technology is currently as a proof of concept  .Net application.