ALPR on my mind.

ALPR -- the technology that allows law enforcement to scan license plates en-masse and record the location of innocent drivers too -- has been on my mind as of late. This evening I spent a few minutes mashing up a google maps application that might demonstrate more clearly the types of privacy problems I've been trying to get the civil liberties communities to take note of.

On that note, I give you ... its a quick and dirty hack of what it might look like for a single license plate tracked via ALPR throughout Victoria BC. Now think about the power of a search interface on this, that allows you to search out any plate. A few cameras, a nice up to date 3 month running history, and viola -- instant tracking of where you have been seen around town.

Given a few hours and less than a handful of cameras around town, I could probably track every person in this town and data-mine it so effectively as to render any concept of privacy completely moot. My question is whether law enforcement is using its 3 month database in this way, and what do we do if they are?