CIRA Nomination

It's been 10 days since I announced my intention to run in the CIRA elections.

I'm now happy to report that Steve Anderson (of OpenMedia/SaveOurNet fame) has nominated me to the CIRA Nomination Committee. It's now up the the committee to decide which slate of candidates I will run on. If I receive their nomination, I'll have the opportunity to be one of three nominated candidates elected to the board. If I don't receive their nomination I can happily report that I now have enough people registered to ensure I will be on the members slate, however, only one members slate candidate will be elected.

I'm told the magic number is in the low-hundreds for votes, and I'm now steadily on-track towards that goal. The first 10 days have shown a few difficulties with the CIRA registration process, but I thank all of you who have stuck it out and submitted your documents to become a CIRA member. If you're having any trouble registering, please contact directly and they'll get you sorted out.

Now, I need your help. If everyone who is supporting me today can register only two new CIRA members on average, I will be successful. Please, take the time today to get two friends to register and to get them to sign up on my website at ... the registration on the website is really important as I'll need to let you know when the vote is coming up. So please, if you haven't registered on the website, do so now please.

It would also be hugely helpful if you could do a blog post and tell your networks about my campaign. If you can do these things, I'll be elected and we can get to work on my policy platform.